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I made a ringtone: https://owo.whats-th.is/9BteT4q.mp3 I made a site with info about the Josh Fight: https://josh-fight.glitch.me/... Read more

Why Solve a ReCaptcha To Connect?

Earlier this week I made a replica of the infamous "Slow Fade" ReCaptcha. It and some reasons not to use recaptcha are now up at https://why-solve-a-recaptcha.to-connect.top/... Read more

Hello World - My first post on Maylog, and the journey here

This is my first post here on Maylog, and I am going to talk about how I made it. I have been looking for a blogging solution for a while, but none really fit my needs. Wordpress was too heavy, Blogger was too Googly, Medium has paywalls, etc. I considered Jekyll, but it seemed... Read more